Our Managers

Manager, Registered Person

Georgina began her journey with us in July 2004 when she started as an apprentice. Georgina became Deputy Manger in 2009 and after a successful suitable person
interview with Ofsted, became Manager in 2011. She graduated University with a BA Hons in Education and Special Educational Needs.

Georgina works 5 days a week, she also has a son – Lukas.

“It all started when my Mum became a childminder, I would help her before after school. We got our first small nursery after that, everything grew from there. I worked under 2 different managers throughout my years at Broad Oaks Nursery before becoming Manager myself. These 2 ladies taught me different aspects of the job, for that I am thankful. Being a Manager can be hard but my team are amazing. They work hard, they are supportive and they share the values that are promoted through our setting.

They make my job so much easier! Each practitioner at Broad Oaks (including myself) contribute different qualities to the team, we all have our strengths and areas, that we can strive to improve on and that’s what makes our team work. We support each other professionally and personally.
Nurturing, teaching being a part of children’s Early Years is an honour. I am very lucky to have the role that I have in their lives”